How to add mood lighting into your home

Do you feel that your kitchen needs a finishing touch? Something to give the space a feeling rather than a look? Mood lighting might be what’s missing! Working with an array of different lights can instantly give your kitchen the ambiance it deserves. The kitchen is the social hub of the home and lighting can either make, or kill the mood. Here are our favourite ways to lighten up your kitchen design….

Highlight key areas

White LED strip lights are the easiest (and cheapest) way to draw focus onto certain areas in your kitchen. For contemporary kitchens, adding strip lights underneath or above the cabinetry creates an other worldly effect.

Always in the spotlight

Spotlights are a dramatic way to showcase details of your kitchen. Add them below artwork to illuminate a piece, pop them above the island to keep it well lit, or shine them on beautiful details of the room’s architecture. These lights can’t be ignored!

Cool it off

You’d be surprised how big a difference cool or warm mood lighting can make. Cool white lighting is great for keeping your kitchen looking bright and contemporary. If you want your kitchen two feel cosy and inviting – go for warm!