Make your cooking experience healthier

Make your cooking experience healthier and more enjoyable with Hafele’s Cooker Hoods

Cooking is a daily routine for everyone, but the by-products of cooking, such as fumes and smoke, can be annoying and harmful to one's health.

Hafele has always made it a point to bring the best of its products, and hence, following the legacy, we have developed technologically advanced and efficient cooker hoods that help you get rid of these unwanted fumes and smoke, making your cooking experience more enjoyable and healthier.

Let’s take a quick look at some of our best cooker hoods while we discuss their key features and their relevance in today’s modern kitchen.

Unique Key Features of Hafele Cooker Hoods

Filter-free Cooker Hoods

Hafele is proud to introduce India’s first Pro Filter-free Cooker Hood, which is unique in its design and function. It is an excellent addition to any modern kitchen that is equipped with advanced technology. Hafele’s filter-free cooker hoods, such as the Teresa i-90 Plus, are effective in removing airborne grease and do not require filters, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Intelligent Smoke Management System

Our cooker hoods are equipped with an intelligent smoke management system that automatically senses the air quality and starts running in AUTO MODE, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This system ensures that you have a comfortable and healthy cooking environment without worrying about fumes and smoke.

It also includes an efficient "end to end" smoke extraction panel, which is another key feature that ensures effective suction of smoke in the kitchen. The panel is designed to speed up the extraction passageway due to a bigger cavity and wide glass panel.

It separates the lighter smoke from the heavy grease and spices trapped in the smoke, and the lighter smoke is thrown out through a duct while the heavy oil and grease settle down slowly in the oil collector.

Auto-Turbo System

Hafele has also introduced an Auto Turbo System, which is enabled with advanced sensors that sense the volume of smoke and intensity of heat in the kitchen and modulate the speed automatically. This feature ensures that the cooker hood is always operating at the optimal level to remove the smoke and fumes efficiently.

Efficient Oil Separation Technology

Hafele Cooker Hoods are equipped with Nautilus Design Triple Smoke and Oil Separation Technology, which envisages three key stages and levels.

  • The wide smoke extraction panel speeds up the extraction passageway due to a bigger cavity, and the wide glass panel.
  • The lighter smoke gets separated from the heavy grease and spices trapped in the smoke.
  • The smoke, which is even lighter, is thrown out through the ducting passage, and the heavy oil and grease settle down slowly in the oil collector.

Anti-Drip Technology

We understand that cleaning and maintenance of cooker hoods can be a tedious task, and that is why we have introduced cooker hoods such as Datura 60 Plus with Anti-Drip Technology, which eliminates any possibility of oil dripping when the hood is overdue for cleaning and maintenance.

Our cooker hoods come with a large oil collector that can collect excess grease from the smoke that passes through the filters. With capacities of up to 1.2L, Hafele cooker hoods require less frequent cleaning. Besides, the oil collector comes with an eyelet indicator that lets you see the level of oil collected.

DC Automatic Detection

Our DC automatic detection system offers real-time detection capability. As soon as air resistance rises, our DC drives are automatically activated to boost the air pressure up to 820Pa. This ensures that there is no smoke resistance and prevents any backfilling of smoke, guaranteeing optimal performance at all times.


Our efficient cooker hoods are designed to ensure a healthy and comfortable cooking environment. With advanced features, our cooker hoods are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. Say goodbye to cooking fumes and welcome a healthy and comfortable cooking experience with our efficient cooker hoods.